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The Decision Builder

TheDecision Builder ERP software solution is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that serves companies in the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service industries. The Decision Builder is a fully integrated system including:

Strategic Management

Whereas many systems will only automate a portion of your business the fully integrated design of the Decision Builder will improve the overall operational efficiencies of your business by eliminating manual and redundant processes, it will eliminate the need to re-enter information in multiple systems, and it will eliminate islands of information created when multiple systems are used to run your business. Front-line employees and your management team will have fingertip accessto important information that is accurate and up to date allowing them to better serve your customers and make more informed business decisions.

The system’s user interface is very simple, straightforward, and intuitive making the
software very easy to implement, very easy to become trained on, and very easy to use.
Role based logins and menu systems provideusers with only the programs and functions
that they need to work with eliminating any confusion in operating the software. A comprehensive manual along with field sensitize on-line help provides users with instructions on how to use the Decision Builder applications and specific field by field instructions for each program.

The Decision Builder is a feature rich, highly functional solution that can be implemented to meet your company’s specific requirements. As we have developed our applications and programs throughout the years we have made a practice of continually adding new programs, features and functions to our library of solutions allowing them to be enabled or disabled based on individual company’s requirements. Companies can select the features and procedures that best suit their unique value proposition and not be encumbered with features that are not appropriate for them. As new developments in business practices and technologies have arisen they have been assimilated. As a result the Decision Builder is a comprehensive, flexible business solution that will improve efficiencies and increase profitability in a cost justifiable manner.

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