The Decision Builder Service Control System (SCS)

The Decision Builder Service Control system is a fully integrated, highly functional service application that will allow you to run your service department much more efficiently and profitable. The Decision Builder service system will provide you with the tools to log service calls, schedule technicians, manage your service work orders, bill service work orders and service time, manage labour and parts, and manage your service contracts. The Decision Builder Service Control system is the total answer to your service management requirements.

The fully integrated design of the Decision Builder Service Control system will provide you with the tools to manage your service department more effectively, will improve efficiencies by eliminating manual work and the need to re-enter information, and will provide the information to allow employees to perform their job better faster and easier and will allow you to make more informed business decisions with accurate up to date information available at your fingertips.

The Decision Builder uses today’s technology ensuring that employees, managers, and executives will always have access to their business system at all times from where ever they are. Simply use an internet connection or a wireless device like an I-Pad or tablet to connect to the Decision Builder to process transactions or for fingertip access to information. Field service technicians can quickly and easily access their schedule, access customer information, or update labour and parts used on a work order when working remotely or while on the road. Employees, managers, and executives will have immediate access to the business and service system when working remotely or when traveling.

The Decision Builder Applications

The Decision Builder integrated service system has been designed to provide Service companies with an integrated business solution to manage all areas of their business including:

•    Provides for the ability to enter, print, and maintain service work orders.
•    Log work orders for depot service or on-site service.
•    Integrated with the RMA system to automatically generate work orders for RMAs requiring service.
•    Allows for estimating, approving, and assigning work orders to technicians
•    Assign work orders to technicians from a list of all technicians or a list of technicians that are qualified to do the work based on the reported problem.
•    View work order schedule by technician or graphically for all technicians.
•    Allows for easily modifying or adjusting the sequence of work orders scheduled to a technician.
•    Allocate parts and labour to work orders for costing and billing.
•    Integrated with time billing system to collect service time allocated against a work order.
•    Generates service invoices which can include unlimited comments or instructions, service parts, re-sale inventory, labour, or miscellaneous charges.
•    Detailed work order history is maintained which can be accessed by customer or by serial number.
•    Ability to view history of a serialized products including;
    º   Warranty details
    º   Sales order, invoice, shipping information, and purchase order product was received under
    º   Previous service repair orders
•    Many detailed and summary reports and inquiries to assist with managing work orders
•    Analysis reports and inquiries of work orders by customer or technician
•    And more.

•    Service contracts can be quickly and easily set up by customer including products, serial numbers, warranty coverage, contract coverage and start and end dates of contracts.
•    Service contracts can be integrated with Sales order processing so that contract sales can automatically create the contract in the service system and new products
     sold can be automatically added to the contract with serial numbers, invoice details, warranty and contract coverage details.
•    Maintains billings and costs by contract with drill downs to invoices and service costs in order to determine profitability of contracts.
•    Automatic recurring billing with choice by contract of billing frequency (i.e. pre-paid, monthly, quarterly, annually)
•    Allows for quick and easy modifications, additions, or deletions to a contract.
•    And more.

•    Allows for quick and easy entry of tech support or service time.
•    Allocate time against a work order, as a technical support call, or choice of different non-billable categories.
•    Optionally allocate time against a case number with quick review of the history of tech support for the case number
•    Many analysis and reporting options of time billings by technician or customer
•    Quickly review all time billings against a work order including date, technician, actual time, and billable time.
•    Quickly review all time entries by technician or employee by date range
•    Quickly review all time entries by customer by date range.
•    And more.

•    Account management screen maintains all information on one screen with quick and easy access to all account information.
•    Maintains detailed call history and notes by date
•    Ability to maintain multiple contacts including details such as phone number and extension, email, job title and department, and notes.
•    Easily import data from external sources to add prospects to the CRM data base.
•    Motivate sales reps and ensure quotas are met by comparing actual sales activity to quotas
•    Generate campaigns and monitor results to track the effectiveness of different marketing strategies
•    Maintain recall dates by account
•    Maintain account status and closing probabilities including projected revenue for forecasting.
•    View open sales order and open quotations from account management screen
•    And more.

•    Quickly and efficiently generate sales quotations that can be easily printed or emailed to customers
•    When speaking with customers or prospects view on-line inventory availability and pricing and optionally maintain records of all products that the
     customer requested and convert into a quotation
•    Quickly and easily access and view quotes by customer or product
•    Quickly and easily convert a quotation into a sales order
•    And more.

•    Handles Sales Orders, Direct Billings, Interim and Recurring Service Billings, Repeat Orders, Debit Memo, Credit Memos, Cash Sales, Blanket Orders.
•    Quickly and efficiently copy a quotation, previous sales order, or invoiced order to create a new order.
•    Supports multiple types of order line types including: Stock, Non-Stock, Service, Labour lines, Kits, Miscellaneous charges and Comment lines.
•    Integrated with purchasing and manufacturing so that sales order inquiries will show production schedule completion date for manufactured items and purchase
     order details including receipt date for purchased items.
•    Visually see complete inventory status details during order entry. Check when PO receipts are forecast to be received and when production is scheduled to be completed.
•    Optionally enable or disable functions including Serial Number Tracking, Dangerous Goods Notification and reporting, and Inventory Lot control
•    Supports Drop Shipments processing integrated with purchasing and invoicing
•    Customer Message files for shipping papers, invoices, statements, and order entry screens.
•    Many Sales Order Booking Analysis inquiries and reports.
•    Maintains customer notes on line.
•    And More.

•    Sales History data base maintains every field of every invoice allowing for many options and choices in analysing and reporting sales and invoice details.
•    Many standard reports and on screen inquiries by customer, product, product class or group, and sales rep.
•    Sales History data base is compatible with most common development tools, report writers, and Microsoft office programs allowing you to easily create your own queries
     and reports using the tool of your choice.
•    And More.

•    Fully integrated with Accounts Payable, Sales Order processing, Inventory and General Ledger
•    Quickly and efficiently enter purchase orders or automatically create purchase orders by approving requisitions created to fulfill sales orders and/or inventory shortages
•    Supports Multiple Warehouses
•    Unlimited number of vendors per item.
•    Allows for maintaining vendor’s part number and description and vendor’s unit of measure and pack quantities with automatic conversions.
•    Vendor Performance reporting
•    Shortage reports by supplier.
•    Adjusts inventory costs for Foreign Exchange, Duties and a freight factor.
•    Expediting reports and Inquiries.
•    And more.

•    Quickly and easily log RMA requests
•    Select and approve items requested to be returned on an RMA by serial number or invoice number.
•    Assign a reason code to an RMA which can automatically generate appropriate transactions such as;
    º    Non-billable service work order
    º    Billable service work order
    º    No charge cross ship or replacement sales order.
    º    Credit note to accounts receivable with or without re-stocking charges.
    º    Vendor RMA
•    Inquiries of outstanding RMAs by customer.
•    Automatically create a vendor RMA from a customer RMA request and integrate the transactions with the Accounts Payables system
•    And more.

•    Complete details maintained on receipts and issues, lead times and usage allowing for personal customization of the purchasing decision.
•    Statistical technique allows different levels of confidence to be established in forecasting lead times and usage of different classes of inventory.
•    Optionally enable or disable inventory functions such as serial number tracking, warranty, and lot number control.
•    A number of standard automatic reorder methods
•    Extensive inventory analysis reports with multiple prompts.
•    Complete inventory audit trail is maintained allowing for analysis by on-hand adjustments, allocations, costs, by user, by warehouse, and date.
•    Automatic Price change facilities with a wide range of selection facilities.
•    Complete physical Inventory Processing with reconciliation facilities.
•    Multiple warehouses allowing different units of measure and costing for each.
•    Batch lots.
•    Choice of inventory valuation methods.
•    Update the price file from supplier price diskettes or file transfers adding your own mark up logic.
•    And more.

•    Accounts Receivable
•    Accounts Payable
•    General Ledger
•    Financial Statements
•    Cash Management
•    Capital Assets

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