Decision   Software   Consulting

Decision Software consulting staff, support personal and associated partners make up of a team of dedicated professionals committed to meeting the needs of our various clients. They assist our customers in deploying the Decision Builder software quickly and cost-effectively. With the variety of skill sets and services that they can offer, their in-depth product knowledge, their many years of experience, the Decision Software team is able to ensure our customers maximize the return on their software solution investment.

Our staff has credentials in various management approaches including Strategy, Risk and Supply Chain Management. They have experience conducting Business Process Reviews and have worked with our partners implementing Six Sigma and Lean environments. Our development staff understands and can improve business flow and business procedures, seeing beyond the immediate needs, they will offer suggestions on how to grow in the future.

The tools for these management techniques are integral to the Decision Builder Software. Activities are monitored, outcomes are measured, correlations are confirmed, risks and opportunities are identified and processes are made more efficient.

•    Implementation Services

•    Business Process Review

•    Strategy Management

•    Software Development

•    Partners