Product Features


•    Fully integrated system allowing for quick & easy
     entry of quotes, sales orders, & purchase orders
     with up to date accurate inventory balances
•    Optionally enable inventory functions including
     serialized inventory & lot number control
•    Quickly and easily access sales history
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•    Integrated manufacturing system allows for
     effective control and management of production
     work orders
•    Many options for production scheduling
•    Includes option of shop floor data collection for
     immediate and accurate collection of production
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•    Fully integrated service system allows for
     processing and managing service work orders
•    Optionally integrated with Service Contracts
•    Includes technician scheduling and time tracking

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•    Increase sales with immediate access to
     customer and prospect sales information.
•    Motivate sales reps to reach greater results by
     reporting sales activity compared to goals
•    Enterprise system maintains all sales history so
     easy for new sales reps to continue on with
     customers and prospects
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•    Accounts Receivable
•    Accounts Payable
•    General Ledger
•    Financial Statements
•    Cash Management
•    Capital Assets

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strategic Managment

•    Link performance measurement to your
     corporate strategy to meet Peak Performance
•    Improve Effectiveness by aligning activities
•    Spotlight activities to influence behavior and
     motivate employees

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hosted cloud solutions

The Decision Builder offers the choice of an on-premise or hosted Cloud Solution. Cloud solutions offer many benefits including:
•    Reduced IT costs and headaches
•    Business system and information always
     accessible from wherever you are
•    Business continuity and disaster recovering
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mobile office

•    Compatible with mobile devices including
     tablets, blackberry phones, and smart phones
•    Mobile sales reps will have immediate access to
     CRM information to improve customer service
•    Executives and managers can have immediate
     access to key business information when away
     from the office in order to make timely decisions
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Product Videos & Demos

•    Please take the time to view some of our videos
     for a quick introduction to the Decision Builder
•    For more information please call or email one of
     our sales reps (see Contact Page)
•    Ask for an on-line webinar presentation to receive
     a detailed overview of the Decision Builder
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