Financial Applications:

•    Accounts Receivable
•    General Ledger
•    Accounts Payable
•    Cash Managment & Cash Flow
•    Capital Asset Control

The Decision Builder Accounting Modules include the following systems and are fully integrateable with the Manufacturing, Distribution and Service Systems:

•    Accounts Receivable
•    Accounts Payable
•    General Ledger
•    Financial Statements
•    Cash Management
•    Capital Assets

All systems provide drill down to source entries and maintain transaction history for as long as desired. Transaction journals are maintained on the system, eliminating the need print and file as they can be printed at any time when needed basis.

•    Detailed invoice registers report taxes, freight, and merchandise amounts.
•    Numbered monthly and/or Daily Registers with choice of when to update Journals to General Ledger.
•    Cash Receipts processing handles Payments, Adjustments and Non receivable cash receipts.
•    Payments can be placed on account, on deposit or applied to outstanding invoices. Facilities to apply on account or
     deposits against invoices during cash receipts processing.
•    Handles N.S.F. checks.
•    Calculates cash discounts and allows overrides.
•    Detailed A/R Inquiry provides average days to pay, credit limit, value of orders on credit hold, telephone number, contact
     name and complete outstanding invoice details.
•    The A/R Inquiry provides a pop up window to view any payment details against current Invoices, Payments towards past
     transactions. or view an invoice on the screen.
•    Aged Trial Balance reports a full breakdown of items 30, 60, 90, 120 and over. Invoices are clearly displayed showing how
     credit notes and payments have been applied.
•    An A/R Exception Report selectively chooses items for customers over their credit limit as well as those with invoices older
     than a specified period.
•    Balance forward or open item customer statements with minimum statement amounts.
•    Finance Charge Facilities.
•    Sales Tax Report provides breakdown by taxing authority.
•    And More

•    Multi-company, Multi-divisional Processing with consolidation capabilities.
•    Unlimited number of lines to Journal entries. Review and modify previous page.
•    Reference and Memo line can be assigned to each journal line.
•    Automatic updating from all subsystems with proper audit trails.
•    All journals are identified by source, journal ID type, and the reference number of the source document.
•    General Ledger Inquiry provides:
       1.    Summary Transaction amounts and Balance
       2.    View Journal entry detail lines.
       3.    Select Journal and view all lines of complete journal.
       4.    Trace to source document view details (i.e. vendor invoice)
•    Recurring Journal Entries
•    Make Journals to past or future accounting years and periods. Journals to income and expense accounts for past years are
     automatically reflected in the current years retained earnings.
•    Detailed and Summary trial balances with a from to period selection.
•    Financial Statement Formats for: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Expense and Revenue Schedules, Source and
     Application of funds.
•    Financial statement on screen view with drill down to detail summaries and source documents.
•    Design your own financial statement up to 7 columns.
•    Journal history inquiry maintains transactions for as long as desired.
•    All journals and source history is portable, on a selection basis, to spread sheet of choice.
•    Simplify reconciliation by creating custom routines to combine and review transactions.
•    Budgets may be established by account/period or simply annually by account.
•    Budgets can be created from your spread sheet of choice.
       1.    Transfers general ledger data in summary form where periods are columns and accounts are rows to spread sheet.
       2.    Create business Plan on Spread Sheet.
       3.    When complete transfers budget to General Ledger system for comparison on financial statements.
•    And More

•    Processing features greatly speed up day to day entry of vendor's invoices.
•    Pull down lookups for easy selection avoid transposition errors of customer numbers and general ledger account numbers.
•    Checks for duplicate invoices.
•    Due date and discount default to vendors terms.
•    While posting invoices the built in Accounts Payable Inquiry lets you:
      -check vendor payable status
      -view when old invoices were paid on what check numbers.
      -see what general ledger accounts were posted to on previous invoices.
•    Due date and discount default to vendors terms.
•    Supports multiple bank accounts.
•    Check Inquiry provides a quick review of checks paid and what invoices they paid.
•    Automated check processing speeds up the selection of invoices for payment and check preparation.
•    Post a manual check or print a single check
•    Bank Reconciliation
•    Vendor Statistics
•    Numbered monthly and/or Daily Registers with choice of when to update Journals to General Ledger.
•    And More

•    On line daily Bank Reconciliation
•    Integrates Receivables, Payables Purchase Orders, and Miscellaneous items to forecast future daily cash balances.
•    Results can easily be modified to reflect actual daily activity without recreating process.

•    Keep track of all Capital Assets
•    Calculate Depreciation and Capital Cost Allowance
•    Integrated to General Ledger and Equipment sub ledger
•    Schedule maintenance
•    And more

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