Mobile Office:

Mobility and virtual or remote offices are becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace. In order to stay competitive organizations need to utilize business solutions that can scale with their business and also have the capability and flexibility to integrate with new technology solutions.

The Decision Builder ERP solutions are compatible with current technology ensuring that mobile workers and virtual workers can take advantage of the functionality, data, and benefits of their Decision Builder ERP application not only in the office—but also on the road or when working from a virtual or remote office. While mobile devices like laptops, PDAs, and tablets make it possible to work remotely from the office, now workers can use their Decision Builder ERP applications on their mobile devices to take advantage of business capabilities and insights.

The mobile capability of the Decision Builder will allow companies to benefit from improved quality of service, greater productivity, maintaining a competitive advantage, and more accurate data capture:

Improved   Quality   of   Service

– The Mobile Decision Builder ERP system will allow employees to improve quality of service to customers by giving them immediate responses to accurate, relevant information.

Greater   Productivity

– Many mobile workers waste a lot of time driving in cars or sitting in airports. The Decision Builder mobile and remote capability helps these workers use that time productively. All mobile workers have their business tools, materials and information to stay productive.

Competitive   Advantage

– Using the Decision Builder with mobile and remote access will provide employees with the ability to deliver real-time information on-the-spot to accounts helping them improve their competitive advantage.

More   Accurate   Data   Capture

– The Mobile Decision Builder solution makes it easy for workers to enter all relevant data accurately as they gather it in the field without re-keying the data into their business systems (potentially making errors along the way).

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