Chemque Inc.

"Chemque Inc. has been a customer of Decision Software for over twenty years.

The Decision Builder software has been a perfect fit for our business – easy to use, easily tailored to meet our specific requirements, and very feature rich and functional.

Using the Decision Builder software in both our US and Canadian offices has provided our staff with the information and tools to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively. Our employees have found the Decision Software support staff to be very professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Sam Ghaly, President


"We have been using the Decision Builder program as our primary ERP software for the past 10 years. After comparing the functionality, openness and ease of use to “Off the Shelf” packages we decided on the Decision Builder program.

Our initial migration from a UNIX based system went extremely smoothly, as did our subsequent conversion to the latest DSI software. The sales and support staff are always helpful, whether they are addressing a support questions or making modifications to the system to tailor the software to our specific needs.

I find the software easy to use and very versatile. The ability to customize user menus and program access and the openness of the system allowing us to create our own reports and queries is fantastic.

I highly recommend the Decision Builder software and the Decision Software team."


Glenn Johnston, CMA MBA, Asst. Controller / IS Manager