Implementation   Services

As a Decision Software customer, you will be able to take advantage of a variety of professional services such as:

Systems Analysis:
•    Our analysts understand business flow and functions and assist our
     clients in selecting whichfacilities will meet their needs during system
     implementation. They have experience in many industries and have
     recognized qualifications.

Training and Education:
•    The Decision Builder is well documented. An on-line user guide in
     conjunction with a help function is provided for every field within the
     system. Training sessions are available as a webinar or on premise.

Telephone Support Help Desk:
•    Our telephone Support Desk is available when needed.

Project Management:
•    If assistance is required in managing the system implementation, the
     Decision Software staff is available to act as a staff function to identify
     what has to be done, elicit cooperation from staff, set and agree upon
     objectives, and monitor progress.

Accounting Support Services:
•    With qualified accountants on staff, we can assist you with questions you might have on the handling of unusual
     transactions. We offer a bookkeeping back office service that include fiscal month end closings, reconciliation of bank
     accounts, and all subsidiary ledger accounts. This service is available on a fixed fee basis.