Our partners support standards like Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Organizational Alignment.

Reach IPS

Reach IPS, an IT leader in delivering business applications to the cloud, has chosen Decision Software and the Decision Builder suite of ERP and business applications as their ERP software solution for in-house use and to resell to SMB manufacturing, distribution and service companies across the USA.

Moving the Decision Builder to the cloud, using their A-Connect platform, will allow Reach IPS`s team of sales professionals and their channel sales partners to deliver all of the benefits of the Decision Builder software solutions along with the benefits of their Hosted Cloud computing offering. Reach IPS`s Cloud offering will allow customers to reduce their IT costs while utilizing the newest, most reliable technology available and allow them to work from anywhere, anytime, with the Internet-connected device they choose.

With 33 national datacenters and their Fortune 500-level service desk, Reach IPS will be able to deliver the Decision Builder, and their many other business applications to your company with the same level of technology, security, support and Disaster Recovery services that you never thought was possible at such a reasonable cost.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a strategic initiative that drives performance at all levels of a company. A component of Six Sigma, process management, uses data from the company's processes to manage the business. Based on how the processes are performed, the company decides what needs to be improved. It is also an integrated business philosophy – a goal to strive toward that helps leaders at all levels of a business make decisions. It helps develop the organization's skill sets, and drives up the value of the organization by utilizing resources on the major issues identified by process performance.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean production is aimed at the elimination of waste in every area of production, including customer relations, product design, supplier networks and factory management. It’s goal is to incorporate less human effort, less inventory, less time to develop products, and less space to become highly responsive to customer demand, while producing top quality products in the most efficient and economical manner possible.

Organizational Alignment

Assisting strategic management, Organizational Alignment is a framework that creates alignment, focused priorities and effective attitudes that are necessary to obtaining the involvement and participation of a broad management team.